Name of Lead Author: Butoyi Florence
Organization: Women's Hope Association
Country: Burundi


My contribution is concerned generally to Burundian women who are contaminated by the viral hepatitis.Those women needs help for the vaccination.they are not able afford medicines of that diseases because of the poverty.Medicines are rarely found and many people died luck of the vaccination and also because they are poorest women for accessing to health care.consequences of that, is that orphans are so many, because their parents have been died.


For access to medicine, in our country, access to medicine is not fair, more than 80 percent of Burundi's population life in the countryside where there are health centers Scattered where staff is not well trained. Because these health centers are built over a long distance, some resort to traditional medicine. Large hospitals, they are not concentrated in large cities than in cities of provincial capitals but in very small quantities in these hospitals, the services offered are very expensive when compared with the purchasing power of the population that making it a major part of the population access unavailable to seek treatment- As for vaccination, lasts only our country made a lot of effort to fight against diseases but problems abound as no vaccine for viral hepatitis.
- As for diagnosis, our country still lacks laboratory (molecular biology), medical imaging, and so forth to diagnose certain diseases. Patients are transferred abroad or medicine is very advanced.
- As for technology, our country suffers greatly from a lack of modern equipment necessary to satisfy the needs of patients.
Even the staff is not enough, patients are still dissatisfied several diseases are diagnosed.
In general, the field of medicine remains at a very low level if one tries to make an analysis.

My name is Florence , I am Burundian in the Bujumbura province exactly at CARAMA Commune.i have born in Burundi in 1983. I had finished my secondary school in 2010. From 2011 until now, I study at Hope Africa University in Burundi Bujumbura.I am the Women's Hope Association representative from 2011 until now.